New Training Focus  & Mentoring Sessions

I am currently in the process of expanding the scope and focus of the Thrive Neural Retraining program.

There are many reasons for making this change. The most significant of these is my desire to share the power of neuroplasticity with a broader audience, and to explore a wider range of neural retraining possibilities.

Because neural change has the potential to transform every aspect our lives, and because this transformation is ultimately grounded in a deeper understanding of who we are at a fundamental and essential level, I feel it is important now to expand the scope of the Thrive Neural Retraining program beyond its current (and more limited) focus on health recovery, and to begin exploring the broader range of possibilities associated with neuroplasticity.


This new program will be an open access library of resources that support our discovery and exploration of:

  • the nature of the human experience
  • the process of awakening into a deeper awareness and understanding of who we are, and
  • the power of neuroplasticity and neural retraining to enrich and transform our lives.
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Discovery Dialogues

Individual mentoring sessions are available now!

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