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The Thrive Neural Retraining program is accessible through a web-based interface provided by TheBrain software within which the training program has been created.

During the registration process for the online training, you will create your own free "WebBrain" account -- and it will be through this account that you will receive private access to the online training program.

About Your WebBrain Account

  • If you wish to download and install the software for your own personal or business use, you will have access to the full set of "Pro" features provided in TheBrain  the first 30-days after creating your free WebBrain account,
  • After 30 days, you may continue using the free version of TheBrain indefinitely.
  • Please Note: Downloading TheBrain software is completely optional. Because the TNR training program is entirely web-based, NO software download is required. See my "Note About TheBrain" below for more details.

Learn More About TheBrain

  • 10-Minute Video Tour of TheBrain ⇔ Highly Recommended
  • TheBrain 8 Tutorials ⇔ Helpful if you plan to use TheBrain software for your own information management
  • Using TheBrain on Your iPad ⇔ Although the online training program is most easily accessed from a desktop computer, for some people this is not an option. If this is case for you, this video link will show you how navigate and use TheBrain from your iPad.

Note About TheBrain

  • You are NOT required to download ANY software (including TheBrain) to access the Thrive Neural Retraining program. All the training program materials and supplemental resources are provided through an online (browser-based) interface similar to the display for the Thrive Neural Retraining Preview.
  • I have no financial interest in the TheBrain software, although I do recommend TheBrain quite highly for research and personal information management


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