Thrive Neural


Thrive Neural Retraining is an innovative, self-paced online training program (with optional coaching services) designed to support you in discovering and harnessing the remarkable power of your brain's innate and natural neuroplasticity.

This program is a result of:

  • my experience creating a customized neural retraining process for myself, 
  • my subsequent neural retraining breakthrough and dramatic 5-day recovery from a 10+ year cascade of debilitating symptoms of limbic system impairment,
  • my experience providing coaching support to other individuals with similar symptom patterns and health challenges, and
  • my continuing research into the practical application of the science of neuroplasticity.

Online Training

The online training program is a step-by-step, "do-it-yourself" guide to understanding the fundamental principles of neuroplasticity and the nature of limbic system impairment, a form of trauma-induced brain injury.

It also includes all the tools and resources you need to begin exploring the art of neural retraining by designing your own personalized process for self-directed neural change.

Supplemental Resources

In addition to the core training content, the online program also includes a huge and growing collection of supplemental resources that will deepen your learning and enrich the development of your own customized neural retraining process. These supplemental resources include:

  • highlights from and links to emerging neuroplasticity research and researchers;
  • videos, audio files and book recommendations;
  • health and trauma recovery resources;
  • psychology and meditation resources; and
  • many inspiring resources related to:
    • personal development,
    • creativity and
    • life-long learning.

Online Training Program Details