Thrive Neural Retraining Program Preview

Thrive Neural Retraining Program Preview

Click the image above to explore the online preview of the Thrive Neural Retraining program.  This free preview is presented using TheBrain software within which this training program has been created, and it will give you a good feel for how to navigate and use the online interface.

Navigation Tips:

  • The online, browser-based WebBrain interface through which this Training Preview is provided is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer rather than on smaller, hand-held devices.
  • When you initially land on the preview site, start by clicking on and reviewing the "Help" node (visible in the image above).
  • Then you can begin reviewing the Preview content by clicking on "Thrive Neural Retraining Preview" in the upper left-hand corner.
  • If you have any questions, just click on the "Contact Metta" node in the TNR preview site, and let me know!

Visit the TNR Preview Site

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