• Thrive Neural Retraining (TNR) is based on my personal experience with self-directed neural retraining and years of subsequent research into the science of neuroplasticity and "brain training". This DIY training program grew largely out of my own desire to better understand how I was able to recover so suddenly and so dramatically from more than 10 years of chronic and debilitating environmental illness.
  • The program is now being developed and expanded to support others who are eager to enhance their neural retraining experience and improve their own neural retraining results.
  • The program is currently in prelaunch mode and, although the basic training modules have all been integrated into the online program, some sections of the training are still in draft form. In light of this, as a training program subscriber, you will be welcome to identify areas of the training you feel merit priority development.
  • The online browser-based interface through which the training is provided is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer rather than on smaller, hand-held devices.
  • Important Update: Learn more now about the expanded focus of the TNR program.

Online Training Program Preview